Seek. Love. Serve.


The Rev. Marquita L. Hutchens with Syrian friends of the church.We reach out to the world in Christ’s name in the hope that all might find a home in God’s healing love.

You are welcome here

We are a reconciling, affirming and inclusive Christian community. We welcome individuals and families to worship without regard to race, ethnicity, culture, gender identity, economic condition, physical or mental ability or sexual orientation. We believe God delights in the diversity of creation and hope you will find a home, here with us.

What we believe

Christians believe there is only one God in Trinity. In the beginning God created all that is, seen and unseen. God was known to the prophets who were called by God to communicate a life of ethics and morality to humanity through the Hebrew people. God's desire is that humanity live in justice, freedom and peace.

At a critical point in time, God entered into human history in the man named Jesus, also known as the Son of God. Jesus came to teach humanity about love, care and compassion. Through the life and teachings of Jesus we learn the value of relationship in family, community, nations and the world that all of humanity is beloved by God and that no one has the right to discriminate against others.We are all equal in the eyes of God.

As a result of sin and evil in the world, Jesus life was sacrificed so that the whole world could be at one with God, reconciled, and live in eternal peace. In believing and living out our beliefs in action we understand that our sins are forgiven and we are able to forgive others. This forgiveness enables us to continue striving in the world to attain God's purpose and to work toward peace.

God remains with us daily through the work of the Holy Spirit encouraging us in the direction of the common good. To the extent that we listen, learn and transform our lives according to the way of Jesus' teachings, nurtured by the Holy Spirit, and loved by the Creator, we can know peace in our lives even in the midst of chaos.

Pictured: Syrian friends of the church present the Rev. Marquita L. Hutchens with a gift, Christmas 2015.